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Our FL home builder commission rebate can be very easy to use.  Our rebate also works on new condo developments too.

80% Rebate  –  $800,000

85% Rebate  –  $4,000,000

90% Rebate  +  $4,000,000

While new construction purchases are less complicated then resales they are not without their potential complications.  Str8 ReaL estate Company is owned operated by a veteran real estate broker who is on call to help you every step of the way.

Your rebate is a click away.

Use any of our contact forms or call us @ 888-888-2814 & make your rebate official.  We can provide you with builder specific registration forms, coach you through the process and in some cases contact the builder of your choice & register you before you visit.

Most new home builders & new condominium developers honor our rebate with no fuss & some don’t.  In those instances we can still help you save on the buy side commission by assuring the real estate commission we’d normally rebate is worked into your deal either as credit towards your purchase or a reduction in your final sales price.

While a new construction purchase is easy deciding what & how to buy may not be.  We are here for you to help you sort out the decision making process.  In the event you’d like our feedback about a specific developer, community or property address please use our Submit Offer feature to advise us of your interest & feedback request.  We will then drill int0 the details of your interest & provide you some insights to help you make your best possible decision.

Collect your rebate as a credit for closing cost, builder upgrades, purchase price reductions or simply get cash back at closing.

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