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Maintain Your Privacy

Maintain Your Privacy: The world is full of freaks and geeks and it’s understandable you don’t want to meet them. We’re simply here to sell a property and want to find sincere people who may be interested. The #Str8RealEstate Selling Method mixes old fashioned common sense, hard work tactics & people skills with new age technologies to orchestrate a property sale. It is my recommendation before proceeding further you open up a free gmail or hotmail email address that resemble each and every property address you own; selling or not. The #Str8RealEstate Selling Method uses a lot of web tools and you can use these property specific e-mail addresses to set up new accounts. Now a days you get cloud storage when opening up e-mail accounts. In these accounts you can store receipts, and pdfs. U can share files and more. Furthermore, when you sell the property you can give the accounts to the new property owner. It’s also not a bad idea to dedicate a phone line specific for your property sale objective. Additional lines are so cheap to add and you can simply disconnect it once your property is sold. I STRONGLY suggest these tactics to help protect you from internet predators and to enhance your online digital sales effort.

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