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Hire an Attorney aka Closing Agent

There are three necessary parties to a property sale:

1. A Seller

2. A Buyer

3. A County Courthouse

In order for a property purchase to be official it has to be recorded in the Official Records of the County the property is located in. A property sale can occur with a Transfer or Recording of a DeeD and a small recording fee usually $10 to $100. This process should be overseen by an attorney.

I want you to consider the three necessary parties to a property sale:

1. A Seller

2. A Buyer

3. An Attorney

Once you know you are serious about selling your property go find an attorney to represent you in the sale. This attorney can help with the escrow deposits, the purchase contract, title insurance and the closing. Some attorneys may even help you handle the negotiation.

DO NOT UNDER any circumstance attempt to close your sale without a proper lawyer.

Having a lawyer identified early in the process will establish your competency as a seller to a would be buyer, increase your awareness of the sales process and give you somewhere to direct a serious would be buyers 1st deposit to. (*some state laws allow buyers to select their escrow attorneys so do not make the condition of you sale subject to your attorney having to collect the buyers deposit.)

Finding an attorney can be as easy as asking friends and families for recommendations, searching websites like or using one of the Attorneys you’ll find in our Professional Services Section. I suggest comparison shopping attorneys until you find one you like.

But Anthony, aren’t attorneys expensive? No. On average you should be paying about $500 to $2,500 for an attorney to close your real estate deal. Attorneys like to close real estate because it’s a steady way to gain new customers. Attorneys think of real estate closings as way to keep their staff busy and paid and an opportunity to serve you well so that if and when a more complex legal matter comes your way you may just come back thanks to the experience you had closing your home sale.

When listing your property for sale on you’ll note an opportunity to identify who your closing attorney is. This is a signal to me and your would be buyer that you are a serious seller who has already thought out the entire property sales process.

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