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Property Sale Preparation

Prepare a Property to Sell: The outside of your home makes the 1st impression to your potential buyer. Have the lawn trimmed and keep the place clean. Remove any odds and ends and if you have some discoloration on the walls touch up paint where needed. Have your property as close to move in condition as possible and keep it clean. Replace all light bulbs that are burnt out and clean all windows and doors. Get a head start on moving and pack up all but your essential items to open up the space as much as possible. If there are some walls that could use a fresh coat of paint…. paint them.

Now lets take it up a notch. Hire a property inspector to come out and check your property for faulty items such as electrical, plumbing and structural. You can also hire a separate termite and mold inspector too. Typical home Inspections run in the same price range as an appraisal of $250 ~ $800 depending on the property size. The Termite and Mold Inspector expense also depend on the size of your home. Upon completion of these inspections it is at your discretion to address and repair the items found. Just like the appraisals, I suggest using these as part of the sales process. Ask your inspectors for both a hard a paper copy and an electronic PDF so they may be easily shared via email and hosted on your cloud account. Having these inspections done can save you surprises that may challenge the completion of your sales and again creates another opportunity to really show potential buyers you are a diligent, caring and a serious seller.

Save your Monday Morning Handyman for your next property. Unless you plan a top to bottom style renovation of your property simply have it habitable, clean and up to all housing codes.

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