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Market the Property: So you decided you’re gonna sell. You’ve invested some time and effort into consulting an attorney and or a title agent to process and complete the sale process, shelled out some cash for an appraisal to pinpoint your properties value and had your property inspected to asses it’s physical condition. You’ve added up all your experiences so far came up with an asking price and now its time to let the world know your a serious seller eager to deal. Lets do this. So which website do you start with? Pictures, write ups? What?

1. Tell your friends and family. Before putting your property online and exposing it to people you don’t know make an attempt to get a buzz going in your friends and family circle. Got visit your neighbors and tell them too. There’s good chance someone you know or someone who is already in your neighborhood will buy your property.

2. Get a yard &/or window For Sale Sign, put a telephone number on it and watch the calls come in. Believe it or not of all the adverting mediums available the Yard Sign is still the most powerful tool to let people know a property is for sale. Combine a yard sign and and Step 1. with your well prepared sales approach and The Fine Art of Real Estate Web Marketing we’re about to explore may be a moot point.

3. Get out your smartphone and lets take some pictures. When taking pictures stand in a corner and capture as much of the room as possible. You may also consider to hire a professional photographer which is my best suggestion for sales success.

When uploading photos online order the photos as if someone were physically touring the home. Start with the front of the house, the main entrance & living areas and then the bedrooms and bathrooms. Finish out your photo slide show with the back of the house.

4. After taking your pictures take a moment and create a write up about your home. Do your best to make it appealing without being too long and drawn out. Think of yourself as writing a short romantic story in hopes your reader falls in love with property by the end of the right up. If creative writing isn’t your “thing” keep it basic and do your best.

5. Go to your Property Record and Activate the For Sale Feature. Add your pictures and add your description. Fill out the information as best as possible. Click Submit and sometimes in an instant and sometimes in an hour or two your home is active on the website as For Sale. Copy & Paste the web address into your Str8 ReaL estate listing.

6. Now is the best time as any to keep the ad creation momentum and get your home on other websites. I suggest using Ebay, Craigslist, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram & as your main online property promotion tools.

6.1 I like Ebay because it gets a lot of traffic. You can set a buy it now price and add your property website. This will help enhance the visibility of your property across the web.

6.2 Craigslist has become the new Classified Section. Create a Craigslist ad and don’t be surprised when you get inquiries saying “I saw your property on Craigslist.”

6.3 Use your google account and create YouTube Videos. You can take a video with your phone and upload it and create a picture slide show too. These YouTube videos can be used to promote your property on Social Media and to send to inquiries that request “Pictures.” If you’re having professional photos and videos done be sure to upload your video and pictures into your own YouTube account.

6.4 Create a Facebook Page specific for your property sale. Add pictures and your write up. Facebook has a feature where you can promote your property to other Facebook users who you may not be connected with. This is a very powerful tool. Depending on the budget you can promote your property to every Facebook User within a few or several miles of your property.

6.5 Instagram is owned by Facebook and you can promote your property to Instagram users just like on Facebook. What I like about Instagram is the ability to Hashtag terms like #HouseForSale #CityName #StateName etc etc.

6.6 Posting to signals to us you are ready to sell your property. Upon your posting your listing will be held and reviewed before going on to the website. There is a very good chance we will contact you to review your sales effort & assure you’ve reviewed and understand The Str8 ReaL estate Selling Method. Your Str8 ReaL estate listing a good website to promote as it links directly to you and only features your property.

7. No Open Houses: I call it No-Pen-House. Open Houses are a tool real estate agents to gain new customers. Opening your home to random strangers driving by is a recipe for disaster.

8. 888 Pricing: Think of the 888 pricing as a calling card or a signal. Pricing a property like $500,888 show’s that you are Str8 ReaL estate user. It also relays to would be buyers that you are a competent well informed for sale by owner who has the support of Str8 ReaL estate. Please do your best to make your final contract price end in 888 too. Recording property sales ending in 888 allows us to track or sales.

9. Salesmanship: Salesmanship is about strategic communication. There are questions to ask, things to say and most importantly things not to say. If you are not in a sales profession and don’t have a friend or family member who is a sales professional helping you I suggest you take a little time and read one or two of the sales books I suggest @ .

10. Price your property right. We’ve hit on this already but it’s imperative you understand that pricing your property correctly is the fuel that will power your sale. The best marketing and salesmanship are meaningless if your property is not priced correctl

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