Ormond Beach ~ 2019

After reading the many great reviews about Anthony and his STR8 Real Estate company, I decided to take the leap with his exciting new way to buy real estate. Wow am I glad I did! Anthony is more knowledgeable and savvy than any real estate agent I’ve used before. We negotiated a fantastic deal on the property with what turned out to be a very intransigent seller. But it was after we inked the deal that Anthony’s advanced skill in dealing with even the most difficult seller, and seller’s agent, paid tremendous dividends for me in this transaction. There were several moments when I thought the deal would go south due to the seller’s conduct, but in each such instance it was Anthony’s sage advice and strategic problem solving approach that created the conditions for successful movement forward to closing. Anthony is far more attentive, responsive and comprehensive than any agent I’ve used in the past. If you can work a smart phone and don’t mind doing some of your own legwork to save thousands in your real estate transaction, then hiring Anthony is simply a no brainer. When you complete your sale you’ll realize that you’ve received better and smarter service from Anthony than you’ve ever received from a legacy style agent or broker, all while saving thousands of dollars in agent/broker fees. Hire Anthony today and never look back. You won’t be sorry. A+ experience.


Miami ~ 2018

Anthony is amazing. We found him online and I was not sure what to expect, but he is the best broker I’ve ever dealt with and we own a few properties. Using a rebate broker I thought I would have to do everything myself, but instead I received the best service that I have ever received from the initial offer to the day of closing. He is an expert negotiator and has a great understanding of the real estate process. He helped me close on a deal that encountered several hurdles that appeared to be insurmountable at the time. Use Anthony and count on him to honor your deal.


Saint Lucie ~ 2016

Highly recommended . We worked with him for almost a year and we finally closed on our new home in Oct. If you need a dedicated honest broker Anthony is 5 stars plus. Yes we received our rebate, It was a smooth transaction. His process is quite simple and he is prompt on answering questions and stands by your side 100% of the way.

Miami-Dade ~ 2020

I had an awesome experience with Anthony. My wife and I were already doing most of the house hunting on our own and when we finally found a house we liked, it didn’t make sense to me to pay huge commissions to real estate agent. I searched online and found Anthony’s company and I was extremely  please with Anthony. My initial expectation was that Anthony would do just the bare minimum, but he was actually very helpful in negotiating the purchase of the house. He worked with the seller broker and myself on several issues and offered valuable and truly independent advice which I appreciated. He was very diligent and thorough in making sure I knew everything that needed to be done and guided me through the process the entire way. Everything went very smoothly and I was able to close on time as scheduled and received a great rebate at the end of the process. The whole experience was enlightening and this is definitely the way that all real estate should (and I am sure will) be done in the future. I have recommended Anthony’s services to many friends and family already and will certainly use Anthony again in the future.  

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